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Anna Dumitriu is an artist whose work blurs the boundaries between art and science with a strong interest in ethical issues raised by emerging technologies and their impact on society. As well as developing many installations and performances around these themes, she also has a strong curating practice which is also documented here. For her Bioart and Bacteria work see and for The Institute of Unnnecessary Research see Click the links at the top of this section for information on key projects. For more information contact

Anna Dumitriu’s project: “Confronting the Bacterial Sublime: Building a Biosafety Level 2 Lab in a Gallery” was presented as part of “Trust me, I’m an artist: towards an ethics of art/science collaboration” at The Science Gallery in Dublin in March 2012. The video of that event is now online. Find out more here. She also recently won the 2012 Society for Applied Microbiology Communication Award.

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